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    My All-Time Favorite Acne Fighting Products

    I mention my battle with acne pretty frequently as well as what I try to do to combat it. After years of testing, experimenting with products and exhausting all my options I thought, why not share my findings with the world? These are the products I go back to most often in my battle with my face enemy, i.e. acne, zits, life ruiners, or whatever you want to call them.   Tretinoin Cream: Tretinoin cream is the crown jewel in my skincare regime. It’s a reliable treatment that almost ALL dermatologists recommend for acne and anti-aging–it prevents acne and wrinkles! Not to mention it diminishes the appearance of scars and…

  • D.I.Y.

    Mountain Rose Herbs D.I.Y. Skincare Recipes

    Here are the photos and recipes for the D.I.Y. body scrub and bath soak I made with the ingredients I got from Moutainroseherbs.com Citrus & Rose Scrub                                                               Rose & Vanilla Bath Soak   Remember to always patch test before and don’t use any ingredients you have sensitivities too. Also feel free to switch some stuff around like sugar instead of salt. Salt and sugar have different effects on the skin so use what is best suited for you!