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Beauty Babble #55 Sally Japanese Pudding

Good morning world! Today’s #beautybabble spotlight is on Sally, who has an awesome account full of beautiful photos featuring her amazing beauty product selection. Follow her  Here she shares her go-to products and self-care habits.


On to the q’s!


BB: Tell me, what are your all-time favorite beauty products for face, body, and hair?

S:  My all-time favorite face product has to be either Honey Potion by Farmacy or the exfoliating mask like Blue Tansy by Herbivore. Personally, I don’t like sheet masking but using wash off masks usually give me that instant gratification that I am guilty of loving.


Image result for Blue Tansy by Herbivore


For my body, I’m actually the worst person to ask because I don’t do anything for it but I love Commodity’s bath bars since they last forever, they’re moisturizing, and they smell great.

Commodity Bergamot Bath Bar

For hair, it’s definitely the Olaplex line. It saved my hair when I bleached it. It restored the texture and rehydrated it. My hair is so much more manageable now than it has ever been pre-bleaching

Image result for olaplex line


BB: I love that blue tansy stuff! When you get the chance to be alone, what is your favorite thing to do for self-care?

S: What I do for self-care when I’m alone is watch YouTube videos. I’m a sucker for anything funny so I normally binge-watch reddit videos or Shane Dawson conspiracy theories. As a guilty pleasure, I also like watching TicToc videos but let’s not get into that haha.


For skincare, I like using a jade roller to do some lymphatic draining and watch as my face becomes less puffy. It’s sooo satisfying and it feels great to jade roll on the body too.


BB: Haha I too am guilty of going down the reddit rabbit hole. Here’s the third and trickiest question: If you were a food or drink what would you be?
S: I would definitely be Japanese pudding! Similar to flan, it’s sweet with a bit of bitterness from the caramel. It’s my absolute favorite dessert (but I also love any custard-based desserts). Pom Pom Purin also happens to be my favorite Sanrio character 😉


Loved your answers, Sally, thank you so much for being a part of Beauty Babble!