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Beauty Babble #39 Josephine Fries

Hello World! Today’s #beautybabble is Josephine! She has an amazing Instagram account full of her beautiful #skincareproduct #illustrations and short reviews. Follow her @josephinecwz.


Let’s get to it!


BB: Tell me, what are your all-time favorite beauty products for face, body, and hair?

J:  I have a looot of favorites, but will try to make the list short ahah.

For the face, I love to use an acid toner daily, to keep my skin smooth and imperfections free as much as possible. For that, I trust my Ren skincare AHA toner. I also love to mask several times a week, and for that, I either go for the Oskia Renaissance mask or, the Sjoskin happy honey mask, that I need to buy again asap! Also, recently discovered the Caudalie Vinopure serum and it is life-changing!

Image result for Ren skincare AHA toner

Image result for oskia renaissance mask

Image result for Caudalie Vinopure serum


For body care, I always go for the Glossier body lotion at the moment, it has a fresh baby smell and penetrates super quickly into my skin, which is something I look for in body products.

Haircare: I am trying out the Olaplaex n°3 at the moment and it has really made a difference in my hair! + I apply Nuxe huile prodigieuse on the tips of my hair every day for extra shine and care.

Image result for Olaplex n°3

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse


BB: Confess! When you get the chance to be alone, what is your favorite thing to do for self-care?

J:  When I get to be alone, I would usually put music on, light a candle, and mask!


BB: Oooh sounds relaxing. Here’s the third and trickiest question: If you were a food or drink what would you be?
J: If I were food, I think I’d be french fries. I eat way too much of these so I’d have to go with that


Thank you so much, Josephine, for your answers! I look forward to seeing more of your great illustrations.