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Beauty Babble #35 Katie Vanilla Latte

Today we have an exciting #beautybabble with Katie, a mindset coach! If you’re looking for some guidance and inspiration check out her website or follow her @katiepotraz. I really like what I have read so far and what she promotes!

On to the questions!


BB: Tell me, what are your all-time favorite beauty products for face, body, and hair?

K: So I would definitely have to say my favorite beauty product for my face would be Clove + Hallow Lip Velvet in the color “Road Trip”. It’s a super bright pink shade that makes me feel girly and summery! Also, the Clove + Hallow Lip Velvets are made with all natural ingredients and literally last all day long!! They are a must have in my collection.

As far as body products go, I was at a toss up. I couldn’t decide between the Abbey Lane Farms Body Oil and the Etre Bien Citrine Coffee Scrub. Both products are absolutely amazing! The Abbey Lane Body Oil smells so delicious and keeps my super dry skin moisturized even in the dry winter conditions. But the Etre Bien Citrine Coffee Body Scrub is infused with coffee beans and citrine! I’m a huge crystal lover -and coffee lover- so this body scrub really hits the spot for me. Citrine is the stone of abundance so who wouldn’t want to rub it all over their body, right!?


Image result for Abbey Lane Farms Body Oil

Now hair was easy, I can’t live without my Era Organics Extra Nourishing and Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner! It’s all natural but works like conventional products. My hair is so smooth, so soft, and smells soo good! If you haven’t noticed, smell is a super important part of my beauty routine and I love that Era Organics can get such a delicious smell using only natural, good-for-you ingredients. You’ve got to try this stuff!

Image result for Era Organics Extra Nourishing and Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

BB: Love your choices and descriptions! When you get the chance to be alone, what is your favorite thing to do for self-care?

K: Lately I’ve been really enjoying soaking in a nice warm bath after the kids are in bed. I throw some Epsom salt in, light some candles and turn down the lights. It’s so relaxing and really helps me mellow out for bed.


BB: It’s so important to make time for yourself. Here’s the third and trickiest question: If you were a food or drink what would you be?
K: I would definitely say I am a vanilla latte. Just enough sweetness mixed with a whole bunch of caffeine 😉


Thank you, Katie, for spending the time to be a part of Beauty Babble!