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Beauty Babble #27 Dave Grandma Pizza

Hello, world! Today we’ve got a special #beautybabble with my friend and #weedchef Dave!

Follow him @chefbuds if you like #food (and other green goodness) and want some inspiration in the kitchen because he is an amazing chef!


On to the questions:


BB: Tell me, what are your all-time favorite beauty products for face, body, and hair?


D: Being that I’m in the kitchen or behind the camera a lot I am a bit more aware of my personal care. Things can get real sweaty and dirty in the kitchen after a long day. Especially when I am focused on the food and not the way that I look. On my down time, I like to use products such as Cocoa Butter Body Wash to make sure my skin is free from all irritants but yet stays smooth and smelling clean.

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   My hair is super important to me since I used many different methods to keep it up while I’m working so  Aragon Oil Shampoo and Conditioner make sure my hair stays strong and healthy for all of the stress I put it through.

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   I don’t usually use too many face washes on my downtime as I’m not so familiar with that process but when I do I usually lean towards a sensitive Neutrogena Grapefruit Face Wash Daily Cleanse. Keeps my face nice and clean even though acne was never an issue. I feel like keeping stress free helps a lot with the outbreak of acne.


Image result for Neutrogena Grapefruit Face Wash Daily Cleanse.

BB: True but good genetics help:P When you get the chance to be alone, what is your favorite thing to do for self-care?


D: I know many of us lean towards certain activities for stress relief and that activity for me is cooking. I am the CEO of ChefBuds and I absolutely love the fact that I can use my daily work to help me cope with a lot of stress and depression that comes standard with human life. It’s very important to find your mental and physical relief as it can help you overcome many obstacles. I use my passion for cannabis and cooking to make sure that my energy is aligned perfectly for my success.


BB: That is such a nice and profound answer; I think we all should take that advice. Here’s the third and trickiest question: If you were a food or drink what would you be?


D: If I were food or drink I’d probably lean more towards being a food because drinking is not really in my life anymore. If I had to express myself as a single food it’d be a Grandma Pizza Slice. Because who doesn’t like pizza and who doesn’t love grandma? I’d be pizza because it’s known for always putting a smile on any face whether you are young or old and hey I’m from Brooklyn so FUGGETTA BOUT IT!


Haha, so true, pizza makes everyone happy! Thank you, Dave, for taking the time and answering these questions ( technically twice lol) and for all your support towards #abeautyblob