Selia & Co Review

I came across Selia & Co at Cosmoprof in Las Vegas. I happened to stop by their booth and was quickly welcomed by the owner and her friend. I automatically liked the products just as much as I liked them. The owner was very sweet and helpfully explained the products to me, and gave me a sample of the rose & rooibos tea mask.

The company is tea-based which speaks to me since I think tea is one of the greatest things ever! I drink it, mask in it and bathe in it–I seriously love it!  I loved the mask sample and how it made my skin feel clean and soft. I asked to try some other products and she sent me their white tea spray and a steam facial system. Both are extremely refreshing.


How the Tea Facial System looks after being seeped in a bowl of hot water for a while.

The spray has a sharper smell to it and feels fresh but does leave a bit of a sticky feel. I might be spraying too much too close so that could just be me. The facial steam was amazing! The floral scent smelled so nice and made my skin baby-soft. I absolutely love how all the products have simple clean tea ingredients. The products are really gentle on the skin and I recommend it to those who want to try an easy and refreshing skincare line. Also, it’s a small woman-owned business which I love to support!


Thank you to Selia & Co for the wonderful gifts!