Wi Spa Review

After a hectic few weeks of non-stop activity I felt the need to decompress, and for this, I went to Wi Spa, a 24-hour Korean day spa in Los Angeles. It’s a big place offering lots of different treatments and I looked forward to sampling as many as I could cram into a day of relaxation.


Wi Spa occupies four floors at their Koreatown location in Los Angeles. They have a separate floor for Men and women, with saunas, steam rooms, treatments areas, lockers and jacuzzis on each one. The middle floor is coed with a lounge area where you can schmooze and eat lunch, and 5 saunas and cooling rooms. One of the saunas looks like an igloo, but it is extremely hot! I couldn’t stay in there for more than one second


A clay room, salt room, and jade room are also available. Each room is dedicated to different problematic body ailments The jade room is for improving balance although I’m not sure how; the salt room for skin and breathing; and the clay room helps with detoxing.. Last, but not least in these overheated times, is the cooling room, which has a wall of ice covering the pipes on the wall. in it to helps restart and balance out the heat in your body by literally chilling you out!


I enjoyed hopping around to each room, noting the difference in ambiance and aftereffects. I also enjoyed the body oil treatment I got. It was in a shared treatment room, not private or quiet but felt amazing! Along with the message they washed my hair and gave me a cucumber face mask which was just shredded cucumbers on my face. I kind of loved it and plan on adding this to my at-home repertoire. The rooftop lounge is a fabulous place to hang out, relax and enjoy the fresh air.


I really like Wi Spa because it’s affordable and has a lot of treatment and wellness options. The downside of Wi Spa is the staff. They were okay, but neither very pleasant or professional. They engage in some petty price-gouging in the cost of snacks. Three dollars is excessive for a small bag of potato chips. The only reason I bought them was that I reasoned that the price, which would be higher than a grocery store, could not be more than $1.50 or $2.00. Also, the prices are not listed, which I think is kind of sleazy.


Wi Spa is not at the level of the fancier and more expensive 5-star spas. Lots of people go in and out, it’s a bit run down and there is a certain lack of attention to detail: I found a used band-aid in my fresh new clean robe! That was gross. It’s not the best spa but I like that it’s an affordable option, and after spending the day there I was relaxed in both body and mind.