JKsommune Enzyme Cleansing Powder Review

JKosmmune  is a Korean skincare company that I discovered a while ago but I didn’t get a chance to try their products until Cosmoprof Las Vegas Convention. There I met the representatives of the company who were so kind and enthusiastic! They offered me a sample of their very popular enzyme cleansing powder packets. The skincare company prides themselves on using only the best ingredients without any fillers. They also use Beta-glucan as the main ingredient in their products which according to their website is:

” Beta-glucan is a natural biopolymer derived from mushrooms, yeast, alga, and plants…

beta-glucan reduces wrinkle, skin irritation by 40%, shows a visible brightening of the skin tone after 60 days, provides more

moisturization in comparison with hyaluronic acid, significantly decreases skin redness, is an immune booster and has antioxidant activity…”


Wow, that’s a lot of benefits for one ingredient! I had to test it out!

I washed my face with the enzyme powder and a little bit of water to suds it up. It cleaned my face nicely and it didn’t have a harsh smell. It was not too abrasive yet it felt like it had a little bit of an exfoliant.  My face felt fresh and very soft after which I really liked! No tightness which is a major concern for me when it comes to cleansers. I have to say the most impressive thing about these packets is that you can take them anywhere fit them in anything and you don’t have to worry about plane travel because its a powder! I plan on keeping one in all my bags just in case I left my cleanser at home!