D.I.Y. Rhassoul Face & Body Mask

Its still summer out and my skin needed a pick me up so I made this simple face and body mask to help combat the sweat and sun damage that’s been affecting my skin. I used Mountain Rose Herb and Sadaf ingredients since I love them both and have been using them consistently for so long and I can’t get enough!

Rhassoul Clay is a gentle yet detoxifying clay that I have been a huge fan of for years. Its originally from Morroco and very effective when it comes to reducing inflammation and oil control. Rosehip has a ton of vitamin c and helps with skin tone and anti-aging. Evening primrose oil has many benefits for those with eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It has been shown to help improve many skin conditions, its an all around great oil. Rosewater is calming and nourishes my skin like crazy plus it smells amazing!

Always patch test!