Midflower Review


At Beautycon LA a couple of weeks ago, I checked out a company called Midflower. They specialize in sheet face masks, of which I am a huge fan, and they very generously gifted me with their four-pack mask set. I couldn’t wait to get home and sample the goods.


The 001 peel mask is meant to be a layered peel that you put on after you peel off the top layer and let the middle one sit and dry on your skin. It has rosewater as its only ingredient and according to the website “The mask binds tightly to dead skin cells while nanofibers drive rose water essence deep into the skin.”  After you remove the mask, you can soak it in clean water and see what was removed from your skin. The excess oil and debris are visible in the soaking bowl.

001 Biocellulose Peel MaskBulgarian Rose Water Brightening Mask









Binchōtan Clarify Black MaskHyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask

All four masks have use natural ingredients, which is really cool because you know what to expect from it. I first tried the Bulgarian Rose Water one and was pleasantly surprised by how much of the mask was soaked in the rosewater. Then I sampled the charcoal mask. Each one of the masks made my skin feel soft and refreshed and NOT sticky! I really like the charcoal one since it calmed my skin a lot and made my makeup glide on very smoothly. Each mask is meant for a different skin type but all of them worked really well on me.


I recommend using one of these masks before a big event to get your skin in its best shape. The results are apparent pretty quickly. For the price of the masks, it’s a great deal, plus there is free shipping that starts at $30 and you can use the code BLOB50 to get 50% OFF! I highly recommend this product for its performance and price. Your skin will thank you!