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Has anyone else dealt with beauty shaming?

Can we please stop the beauty shaming?


I first encountered this phenomenon as a young teenager when I was told I should put on makeup before going out. The funny part was that I was wearing makeup at the time and thought I looked pretty darned good. It was a weird thing to say but I didn’t pay much attention since the person telling me this was in no way a role model from whom I would take advice.


Skin, or maybe it should be called complexion, shaming is another unpleasant thing that needs to stop. I’ve been skin/complexion shamed and connected it to my acne flare-ups. It happened again when I worked very briefly at a beauty supply shop. The owner asked me what I used on my face, then scoffed at me for using drugstore products. I interpreted her scorn as saying she would never go near the same products that the poor peasants used. She was so far up her own ass she wouldn’t have survived one moment if her hubby stopped funding her pet project aka her beauty supply store. But hey, maybe I’m just bitter.


Here’s the thing: I have been on the receiving end of this kind of one-up attitude many times and it never fails to reveal more about the person doing the criticizing. An example occurred recently to a friend who was beauty-shamed by an employee at Sephora who told her that whatever products she used were no good (also drugstore products). First, it’s poor salesmanship to be nasty to a potential customer. Second, and more important, since when is it okay to make someone feel wrong for taking care of themselves because they aren’t using the “right” products? Maybe that kind of demeaning talk persuades the unconfident to throw down major cash for fancy labels, but you and I know that price is no indication of quality, and not every product is the right one for every single person. A good salesperson will be your biggest cheerleader and explain why certain items may benefit the customer more than others, and of course, they lay on the compliments. If she knows her product line and has any integrity at all, you may end up spending a lot but you will be satisfied with what you bought and will likely go back and buy it again or look for new things to try. That old saying about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar is true, at least at the retail level.


So I, the beauty blob, say: use the products you feel comfortable with and in whatever quantities you like!


And while we’re improving our character, let’s also stop judging people on their particular makeup and dressing routines. Some people just take a long time on their hair or their makeup or outfits. I take a long time and hate feeling judged, and I don’t want others to feel that way!

Stop the judgment! Wear the crazy youtube tutorial makeup or don’t wear any makeup at all. Who the fuck cares–just have fun with it!


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