Pour Moi Review

After showing my curiosity for Pour Mois skin care products a couple of weeks ago, they took notice and generously sent me not only the Desert Day Cream I wanted to try but their Hydrating Balancer-White Serum and Temperate Climate Day Cream with it.


I’ve been trying to find a good lightweight day cream for a while, one that balances my oily/combination skin. So the second I received these I began using them in my morning routine. Before Pour Mois, that routine consisted of washing my face, then applying sunscreen and makeup, so there was a gap that needed to be filled.


First I sampled the Hydrating Balancer, a liquid in a pump container. Press a cotton pad on it for one pump and you get just the right amount to cover your face, no messy overflow. The  White Serum and Desert Day Cream worked the same way, one pump into a cotton pad for total coverage and no waste. It sounds like a lot but was truly super easy and quick.


Best of all, my skin did not feel like I had just applied three products on it. It actually felt like I had applied nothing on it, yet felt soft and moisturized, not greasy or oily, for the whole day. My makeup stayed on nicely and did not look like it was melting off by the evening. I am so happy with these results!!


The one and the only complaint I have is the lack of an SPF. If it had that it would shorten my routine, but I’m sure Pour Mois has a good reason for that. I do wear a light sunscreen under my foundation which also has sunscreen so I’m not too worried about it. When I’m in a super rush I just use the cream. My morning skincare routine starts the day with a sense of accomplishment: I’ve taken good care of it before anything else and so I have one less thing to think about. Thank you, Pour Mois, for the wonderful products!