Schmidt’s Natural Review

A couple of weeks ago Schmidt’s Natural reached out to me and offered to send me a selection of their awesome all-natural products. An amazing selection of deodorants, toothpaste and soaps soon arrived in my mailbox, and I lost no time in sampling each one.

Schmidt’s is a company that prides in leaving out the “unnecessary stuff”. But what they leave in! Each item has its own unique aroma and flavor profile. I have my favorites, and there’s enough variety to please just about everybody.

In Schmidt’s Naturals own words from their website:

“ We look to innovative botanical and mineral-derived ingredients when developing our formulas and believe that natural ingredients have the potential to provide benefits equal to their synthetic counterparts. “

“Schmidt’s Naturals products are free of aluminum, propylene glycol, SLS, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, artificial flavor, artificial colorants, and artificial sweeteners.”

I wanted to put these products to the test so I replaced my deodorant, soap, and toothpaste for two weeks. Here’s my take on it, but first let me tell you my favorites.

The deodorants had the most delightful aromas. I loved the Jasmine tea,  vanilla rose and charcoal & magnesium.

Sensitive Skin Deodorant StickDeodorant Stick

Deodorant StickDeodorant Stick


I also really liked the vanilla rose and ylang-ylang calendula soaps. Bathing never smelled so good!

Bar SoapBar SoapBar Soap


When it was time to try the toothpaste I realized we are trained to believe that we’ve done a good job of brushing if our mouths feel minty fresh but that doesn’t necessarily mean all the bacteria and junk has been scrubbed away. Although I did love the jasmine spearmint, wondermint and vanilla chia I wanted to try one without a mint flavor. I used mostly the activated charcoal since I’ve been reading a lot about the whitening effects it has.

Tooth + Mouth PasteTooth + Mouth Paste Tooth + Mouth Paste

I confess that I was rather skeptical about the deodorants. I need my deodorant to perform well if you catch my drift. I refuse to be smelly at the end of the day. Natural or not, I’ve used quite a few deodorants that did not live up to the challenge. When I found one that worked, I stuck with it for years.

The Schmidts Naturals deodorant was surprisingly long-lasting and even if the fragrance wasn’t very noticeable by the end of the day neither did I smell like B.O., which is impressive. The product feels a little waxy when you apply it and a lot comes out so you don’t need to smear it back and forth like other brands. I wasn’t thrilled with the feeling right after application but it quickly went away and I didn’t notice it throughout the day.

The soap was an easy test since I normally use natural soap ( my roommate actually makes it herself).  It wasn’t drying, smelled great and kept me clean!

The toothpaste took some getting used to since it had no mint flavor and I felt like something was missing. But after a while, I got used to it and I believe my teeth looked a bit whiter and that is reason enough to use it!

If you’re looking for personal hygiene products that are free of synthetic additives, try Schmidt’s Naturals. Their philosophy and creativity have created a line of unique alternatives to the corporate ones we all grew up with. I’m glad a company like this exists. As for me, I will continue using their products (but I might go back to using a mintier toothpaste).

Hope this review was helpful and have an awesome day!

*Photos were taken from their website