MakeupDrop Review

Last week I received two cute makeup applicators from MakeupDrop.

Here they are:

I’m so happy they sent me these, it’s about time I tried new makeup applicators!

I love a time-saving approach to makeup application, and what’s great about the MakeupDrop design is that it covers a large amount of surface area pretty quickly. Another aspect I look for in a makeup applicator is how often I will need to change it. This tool is meant to be long-lasting–it’s made of silicone so all you have to do is wash it with soap and water and it’s clean! I’ll wash my makeup tools frequently, especially the ones that come in contact with wet foundation.  

MakeupDrop sent me one clear applicator and one matte pink one. First I tried the clear one and loved it. TBH, I’m still figuring out the matte pink one which doesn’t glide on as smoothly but it might be meant for contouring. I will continue to experiment with the matte pink applicator a little bit more.

The applicator doesn’t do the best job of spot coverage so I still recommend a different tool for blending concealer. Other than that, I like them for their portability and ease of cleaning. Thank you, MakeupDrop!