Saranghae 5-Step Routine Review

Saranghae is a Korean skincare company. Saranghae also means “I love you” in Korean. They certainly showed me some love a few weeks ago when they sent me their 5-step skin care kit to try out. The packaging is lovely and very luxurious, and I am so grateful for their generosity.

Before trying something new on my skin I like to learn about the ingredients. I started with the Saranghae website, which states:

“We are the first company ever to study and commercialize the healing and anti-aging benefits of the Sang Hwang (Phellinus Linteus) mushroom.”

This mushroom is the main ingredient in Saranghae products. It’s found in Korea, China, and Japan, and has generated a lot of research. Studies have indicated it has cancer-fighting properties, in addition to anti-aging abilities. That is one powerful fungus! If you’d rather not put it on your face, you can drink it in tea instead (but do remember to do your research before putting any new substance into or on your body).

Taking my own advice, I have been slowly incorporating the Saranghae products into my skincare regime, not wanting to drastically alter it until I could see how my skin reacts to the ingredients. I have my favorites, as well as the ones I can do without for now:


  1. The Cleanser

This is a pretty cool cleanser. It is an oil-based foam and cleans as well as hydrates your skin without leaving a residue or feeling of tightness. And it smells awesome! I am very happy with this cleanser and plan on continuing to use it.


  1. The Charcoal Peel Mask


This was a new one for me. I’ve never used a proper peel-off mask because of those terrifying videos of people ripping off their faces with the mask. I was kind of scared that this mask would do that, but it didn’t, not at all! It was actually the easiest mask clean up I’ve ever experienced. It pulled some gunk out of my pores and my skin felt so soft afterward. A+ for this mask.


  1. The Eye Cream

This eye cream isn’t oily and goes on smoothly. It felt as if it was seeping into my skin really well….yet I have my qualms about it. I did not like that after it was on my face for awhile it started stinging the skin near my eyes. I’m guessing that the skin there produces a lot of oil and spreads whatever product I put on really fast. I believe this is a great eye cream but you should be extra careful when applying it. While I really liked it, I may have to find something better suited to my skin type.


  1. The Facial Essence

Now we’re getting to the magic of this skin care kit. This facial essence is not an oily essence or serum. It isn’t very thick and just quickly absorbs into the skin, which is fine since the face cream is and that helps seals in the essence. It is so potent that you don’t need to use very much of it on your face. While I haven’t seen any major results yet, I also don’t use it every day. Right now I’m not sure I need an intense anti-aging treatment like this, but I will keep using it to see if there are any changes.


  1. The Face Cream

This is a smooth and creamy product. It is a powerful moisturizer and a little goes a long way. For me, though, it might be too much, as my skin tends to be more oily than not. I will use this cream when my skin feels dry because it hydrates it so well. As for skin improvements, I haven’t noticed much, but then I may have to use it a bit longer. I do think it is a wonderful cream for those with dry skin who want something that will surely help prevent wrinkles.


  1. The Sheet Mask


This sheet mask is soaked in ingredients that will give you a shot of moisture when you really need it. It smells similar (i.e., really good!) to the rest of the products. My face remained plump and hydrated throughout the day. This mask packs in a lot of serum and leaves a good amount on your face afterward. It was a bit much even after the recommended 20-minute wait so I wiped off some but it penetrates the skin nicely. In general, I like to use sheet masks before an event when I need my skin to look its best so I definitely liked this mask!

Saranghae’s routine is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time researching and purchasing numerous products. The high quality and generous quantity for the price is one of the best deals I’ve seen. Better still is the amount of research and development that goes into the star ingredient in these products. Because its focus is primarily geared to a slightly older demographic it makes the quest for the perfect anti-aging routine that much easier.