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Three websites that are replacing the dermatologist’s office

The search for the perfect skincare regime is a never-ending quest for me, and lately, it is stronger than ever. I leave no source unexamined and will go to the ends of the earth to find, try or just learn what’s out there when it comes to taking care of the old epidermis. That being said, my recent ventures into the interweb for the newest in skin care treatments yielded quite a lot of new information. But before I tell you about my virtual experience with dermatology professionals you should know that I am all too familiar with the human ones. Some of them made me doubt the medical profession in general. I’ve had many strange and honestly super unhelpful derm visits, having required their services since I was a kid with eczema.

I’ve met dermatologists who made me feel bad about my skin way too many times. There were the ones who didn’t bother to personalize the treatments by taking into account my allergies, the ones who neglected to tell me all the pertinent information about the products they recommended or the old-school ones who would never suggest anything outside of their very small derm boxes.

As if that wasn’t aggravating enough, there were the insurance forms to fill out and the refusal to pay for services, appointments made then canceled, the time spent traveling to the office and the long waiting time once I arrived.To say I’ve been waiting for the day technology can take over this inconvenience is an understatement! I am glad to say it is finally here. The following three sites will allow you to skip the doctor’s office altogether!



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When I first read about Curology I was super stoked! Here is a website that prescribes an all-in-one product with ingredients that combat acne and aging! All you have to do to sign up and answer some questions, upload a few photos of your face and wait for one of their medical professionals to evaluate and prescribe a formula personalized just for you. They even ship your treatment straight to your door.

At first, I loved the convenience of having all the ingredients in one product. But when the recommended prescription arrived I noticed one ingredient listed that I don’t care for, since I had tried it in the past and it caused my skin to break out. However, I decided to give it another chance hoping it would react differently in this combo.

When trying a new product there is always a purging period during which the skin seems to be getting worse before it gets better. That’s exactly what happened and my reaction was the same as before. I waited out the purge; maybe I didn’t apply the medication correctly in the past. I expressed my concerns to the medical professional and she reassured me that the skin purging was normal so I waited some more. The difficulty with waiting is that I’m a skin picker and the more acne I have the worse my skin becomes even though I’m aware that the purging will end eventually.  

Anyway, I waited a couple of weeks and it seemed to be getting worse so I requested a change in my acne cocktail but got no real answer. No one was rude or hostile but I felt that my worries were not taken into consideration at all. The customer service is excellent and all my interactions with the people at Curology were pleasant. Unfortunately, I did not want to wait out the purging period any longer so I asked for a refund and stopped using the product.

I think this could have totally worked for me if the dermatologist had only listened to what I was saying. I believe Curology has done fabulous things for so many people. I just wish they worked a bit better with their patients.



After my Curology experience, I went a while without any prescribed acne medications until I realized I needed some and knew exactly what kind I wanted: a good old tretinoin. I was also open to other dermatologist’s recommendations. While searching for a doctor to go to I found YoDerm.

YoDerm is similar to Curology except they tend to the more traditional prescriptions, nor do they have an all-in-one product. You have the option of picking up your prescription at the pharmacy which is what I did. My recommended products included a combination of all different creams, and I appreciated that, but It was a little disconcerting when they prescribed an antibiotic. I didn’t think I needed one, and knowing myself and my skin I was right. I did like that they prescribed me a tretinoin.

I felt they overprescribed a little bit since what I ended up using was only two of the four products: the tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide. However, having read widely on the subject of skin medications I knew that they should not be used together. But this was not mentioned by either the dermatologist or pharmacist. This brings up an important point to keep in mind: ALWAYS do your own research before applying any product. Despite those shortcomings, I still really like the ease and effectiveness of YoDerm and will definitely continue using the site.



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For those who aren’t interested in heading to a doctor’s office but still want the evaluation and recommendation of professionals for products, this is the spot.

Although not the same as the previous two sites, which provide skincare prescriptions, this site guides you down the aisles of your local pharmacy or beauty and skin care supply emporium following a thorough dermatological evaluation. Similar to the Curology process you answer a bunch of questions but different from what Curology asks.  You then have the option of uploading photos or not, whatever you are more comfortable doing. Your skin profile is created with more information about your skin type and what you should focus on. This profile is seriously impressive: things about my skin that I had suspected but didn’t know could be real were pointed out to me.

After a couple of days, a full list of skincare products that would best suit your skin shows up in your recommendation profile and you have the option to purchase them through the site. The best part is that it is a freakishly well-thought out and long list, from cleansers to toners, serums, and masks. What was really cool to me was that most of the products they recommended are ones that I actually use because they work with my skin!

If you are terribly lost in the skincare world this site will help make the journey way easier. The only downside that I can see is that the products can get pricey, so start slow and stick to the basics, then work your way up.

The truth is that, like everything else in life, there is good and bad to be found everywhere, and when it comes to skincare health there is no exception. REMEMBER TO DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!  A knowledgeable consumer is a satisfied consumer. Exfoliate on!

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