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Dreaming about better beauty sleep?

I’ve been having trouble getting a good night’s rest recently. Either I stay up late when I shouldn’t, or weird nightmares wake me up. So I started to change some of my sleeping habits and I can report a definite improvement in my mood and appearance.

Sleep is so important for optimal mental and physical functioning but before your head hits the pillow and you’re dreaming the night away, read this! Here are a few practices that just might amp up your shut-eye time, or at least maximize the quality.


1.The Calm App:

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I listen to The Calm App sleep stories when I’m tucked in bed, shutting my eyes and ready to really go to sleep. I mean it, after that no social media or anything. Because I’m out like a light.

2.A Silk Pillowcase:

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A popular item on some skin care blogs and among skin care gurus is the silk pillowcase. It’s supposed to prevent wrinkles and defrizz hair. I definitely noticed fewer lines and flyaway strands. Plus the cool silk is calming and comfortable.


3. Soft Cotton Glove :

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I have pretty bad eczema so I’ve been doing this for awhile. Moisturizing your hands and sealing them in with cotton gloves can be really relaxing. You’ll wake up with softer, prettier hands in the morning.

4.Lavender Scent:

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Lavender has an extremely calm and soothing smell. A lotion or a spray will envelop you in that relaxing aroma right before you call it a night.

5. Face Sleep Mask:

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Your body is working it’s hardest when you sleep to recuperate from the day and that includes your skin as well. Schmear on a moisturizing sleep mask so in the AM you have one less thing to worry about (that’s dry skin btw).

6. Overnight Hair Mask :

Xtava Clarifying Clay Hair Mask with Argan Oil 8 Fl.Oz - Repairing and Conditioning Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair and Oily - Overnight Hair Mask for Straight, Wavy, Curly and Natural Hair


Nighttime is the ideal time to let your hair drink up all the moisture it needs. So many new hair treatments have hit the market but the ones that work while I’m out cold caught my attention. After an overnight hair treatment, you can wake up to the beautiful locks you’ve been dreaming about.

In the morning, while trying to decipher what that strange dream or fantasy means, you can admire the benefits of your effort and what a good night’s sleep can do.

Also, is it just me or has anyone else had dreams that affected them deeply the next day?


Whether you sleep like the dead or live an alternate life in dreamland, take the time to try some or all of the above suggestions to get a better night’s rest–your face and brain will thank you.