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When life gives you lemons make a citrus infused body scrub.

Life is constantly throwing shit at us. We don’t always know what to do with it or how to deal with it.

I’m not sure where the saying comes from but from my experience lemons are a great thing to have!

I understand the idea behind it–you must channel life’s shit piles into something that makes you smile. (That was an accidental rhyme.)

For me, creating helps alleviate life’s lemon-sucking moments and I encourage you to do the same. Start something without any judgment or expectation; just do it!

Here are some ideas that worked for me:

  1. Drawing
  2. Painting
  3. Kickboxing
  4. Cooking
  5. D.I.Y. skincare–this one is a duh
  6. Create small dioramas out of small boxes
  7. Write your stream of consciousness
  8. Immerse yourself in a new field of interest (I really liked learning about cyber security)
  9. Start a comic about your shitty job
  10. Play an instrument. I highly suggest trying a game called Rocksmith it teaches you how to play guitar!

Life’s been kicking my butt lately and it’s comforting to know that even if I fail terribly I still have my skincare regimen waiting, plus new exciting recipes to try.

So gather those lemons and start zesting, cut them up and add the juice to water, tea, cooking or baking, and mix the zest into a refreshing body scrub. Turn the bitter and the sour into healthy, sweet, and relaxing. The point is we must use our life’s pain to propel us into something beneficial and positive.