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When the “zit” is the joke.

I’ve been thinking lately about the recent positive turn social media has taken on skincare.
The link between mental health and self-care is a lot closer than we thought. Here are some recent articles:

Skincare and self-care.

Makeup for mental health.

The #acnepositive moment has finally arrived. More than ever, people are proudly holding up their acne-bedazzled heads up high.

But I got one thing to say: where was this when I was growing up??

I could’ve used some of this positivity back in my high school days, and beyond…

So it got me thinking–where did we get such shameful outlooks of our blemish-ridden skin?
(bullies. of course.)

I started gathering data and looking down memory lane. I found that some of my favorite TV shows were guilty of zooming in on a good zit joke. The jokes are funny and I think it is important to find the humor in something that is essentially so superficial. But it would have been nice to be able to see the relatability back then.

Gather round your skincare pals and have a good laugh at some of the ones I compiled!
Here are the ones that stood out like a big honking zit on a nose.

1. Gilmore Girls – S4E18 – Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!

When Lorelei and Jason are describing their camp experiences Jason refers to a kid from the camp as “Crater-face Cutler”. That’s all the kid was known for just a crater face and nothing more! This definitely makes me wonder if anyone referred to me as just one of my physical attributes. It’s a short moment but they repeat the fact that this kid was only known for his acne.

2. Popular – the whole series


I love this show soo much! It’s extremely relatable especially when you’re going through that terrible time of adolescence. The first scene of the show talks about meeting unrealistic expectations of beauty and is a constant theme throughout.
In the show, there are two groups that rival each other the “popular” group and the outcasts.
The main mean girl, Nicole, constantly pokes fun at the appearance of the outcast group, specifically one characters imperfect skin.
Which should be a lesson for some people; don’t be mean like Nicole!

3. Sex and the city – S5E7 – The Big Journey

In this episode, Carrie goes across the country just to sleep with Mr. Big. On her journey there, Carrie develops a zit on her cheek which she becomes self-conscious over. Even though Mr. Big is too busy thinking about their past relationship to notice. The lesson I got from this is that we make a way bigger deal out of this stuff than we should.

4. Family Guy – “Doug” the pimple

Family Guy actually has made fun of zits in a couple of episodes which are LOL funny.
But when Brain has a pimple that has a mind of its own, That got me rolling on the floor! It sometimes feels like our acne is a bully we can’t seem to shake.

I really hope we can all have a good laugh at acne instead of letting it get to us.

Also for something acne-extra, there is a Japanese cartoon about whiteheads living on a girls face! This is amazing stuff, enjoy.

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  • Tachin

    Lol!! I remember the quote from Family Guy”The skin between your pimples is so smooth”…also why are pimples so fun to pop?